We can end domestic violence sooner

If your friend confides in you that at home things are going wrong. The fights with her partner might become so loud she’s reaches the point of fearing him. The chances are pretty big you already had this uncomfortable feeling around them. But what can you do?

Or you’re employee is home, sick, for the second time this month. You have the feeling something might be wrong in her home situation. But what can you do?

As soon as you as a bystander are confronted with a possible situation of domestic violence, often we do not know how to act. You might be a neighbour, familymember, employer or friend. But you also can be a professional. I am convinced you want to, and càn make a difference. But the fear for the unknown might get the best of you.

We do underestimate the power of our influence on situations of domestic violence. Unfortunately, that influence is most of the times not so good. And that keeps people from asking help, let alone, accepting help.

How will it be if we could turn this into positive influence? What if you could break down the invisible walls standing in the way between you and the victim? Could we have an impact on stopping domestic violence sooner?

As a social worker I found it undoable that people living is situations of domestic violence are alone and without support. Therefore I committed to do whatever I can as a social worker to contribute to stopping it.

I had an opportunity to speak at TEDxApeldoorn. And reach out to all people, not alone professionals, whom I am used to train. An opportunity I took with both hands.

And yet, when I stood there, I felt extremely vulnerable. To step up, be there, share my personal story. Scared to feel overwhelmed by emotions. Scared that I could not connect with the audience.

But I am so glad I did it!

If you want to know what you can do to have an impact on stopping domestic violence? Have a look at my TEDxTalk. Share it with a person, who you think could benefit from it.

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